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Kayas-Kosmos's News

Posted by Kayas-Kosmos - March 22nd, 2019

Hello everyone.

I've posted another page to my Overwatch fan comic over on Tapas. With it being so integral to the story, there is a very heavy amount of detail, so please go and check it out as there is a lot to be found on one page!


Posted by Kayas-Kosmos - February 10th, 2019

Hello everyone!

I have exciting news regarding the "Overwatch - Lost Light" fan comic. I have now completed page 1 and it has been uploaded to Tapas. I won't be uploading comic pages here on Newgrounds since I don't want to spam the website, so Tapas is currently the best place to check it out.

For those who don't know, Lost Light is the story of the first omnic. After being stolen from his home during a riot in King's Row, he comes across Mercy's halo in an abandoned warehouse and is now tasked with returning it to her... which is easier said than done since he is nothing more than a 25cm tall clockwork contraption.

The comic is intended to stick as closely to the style of the animated shorts as possible and each panel is a little piece of digital art.

Check out the link below and share the news with friends!



Posted by Kayas-Kosmos - December 19th, 2018

If anyone remembers the Overwatch fan project that I started about a month ago called "Lost Light", it has been recently updated with a few extra character designs and other drawings that add to the lore, including the "Goats" gang and house omnics. I've posted a link at the bottom of this post to the full project on ArtStation.

I am considering finding proof-readers for the draft comic (which now sits at 22 pages) as I want this to feel like something that could actually happen in the OW universe. Please don't hesitate to volunteer if you're interested. I am aiming to make this project as professional-looking as possible in order to push my work to its highest level, as well as practise my more cinematic style of comic creation for future comics.

Please share this project with any OW fans who might be interested!



Posted by Kayas-Kosmos - November 25th, 2018

Just a reminder to anyone who follows me. I have my own art website. And if you would prefer not to use Newgrounds to view my art, I am on a number of different social media accounts. These can all be accessed using the shiny little buttons on the front page of the website. Link below:


Thank you to all my followers for your continued support!


Posted by Kayas-Kosmos - October 18th, 2018

I can't remember if I've already done something relating to this, but I'm just curious to hear who else is doing Inktober still. I've managed to keep up so far (miraculously) although I haven't posted anything here. I have been dumping the drawings on my Instagram for whoever is interested. 



Posted by Kayas-Kosmos - September 23rd, 2018

Hello everyone. I now have a new art website. Please check it out!



Posted by Kayas-Kosmos - July 29th, 2018

Hello everyone!


I have open commission slots available for this week! Please contact me at kayaskosmos@gmail.com if you are interested!

Alternatively, if you would like to help support me and my work, please consider dropping me a Ko-Fi 


Posted by Kayas-Kosmos - June 28th, 2018

Hello Everyone!


Just to let you all know, I have both a Twitter and Instagram account where I post significantly more work than I do here. The reason why I am mentioning this is because I've realised that I don't really post as much work here as I do on those accounts. This is due to the fact that I am concerned with quality control here on Newgrounds and only really want to post my best finished work. However, if you want to see all of my first concepts, doodles, WIPs and random ideas, Instagram and Twitter are the places to go! These places are sort of my sketchbook dumping grounds.

I am also holding a FREE ART raffle exclusive to my Twitter followers, so there's another reason to follow me there!

Have a great day! And I hope you're all not melting from this bloomin' heatwave, (if you live in the UK, that is!)


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kayas_kosmos/?hl=en


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kayas_Kosmos

Posted by Kayas-Kosmos - May 1st, 2018


Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

I'm here to announce that for the entire month of May, I am reducing commission prices by 15%

If you are interested in a commission from me, please email me at kayaskosmos@gmail.com or inbox me here on Newgrounds for further details. 

Have a happy May and thank you all for your continuing support!




Posted by Kayas-Kosmos - February 17th, 2018

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. 

So I've been meaning to address this issue for a while now regarding a certain cartoon pilot short I attempted to make a while ago, that being "Kingdum Randum".

For anyone who doesn't remember, I put the call out for voice actors for the project in this post;


Alongside this, I also released tidbits of concept art for the project which can be viewed here on my DeviantArt account. 




Unfortunately the project fell through. That isn't to say that the cartoon was never made, it was fully animated with all the backgrounds added and all the voicework complete, (one voice done by me). Where it fell through was strictly on getting the music synced properly and getting sound design for it. These are fairly easy issues to fix, but after having enough time to sit on the project I've come to the realisation that there were actually much deeper issues with pacing, characters and the idea as a whole. Also, the voice acting I attempted to do myself was pretty abysmal. 

Now the primary purpose of this project was for it to be my final year animation at University so that I could pass my course, which thankfully I did. However I also wanted this animation to have more of a use than just for university. I planned to pitch it with a concept bible to studios. But due to not finishing the short itself and also never putting the bible together, this never happened. I've considered uploading it to YouTube or here on Newgrounds, but I'm not really proud of the final product. 

There is also the fact that I have simply lost interest in the project, and animating as a whole for that matter. I've realised that I am better at doing more mature stories (if "Love The Dogs" was any indication of that). One such project which I have stuck to for five years now is "The Increasingly Absurd Endeavours of Gretchen Goosander", something that originally started life as a small animation, then turned into a series of short stories which was compiled into a hefty and rambling novel. Now I plan on it being a series of short comics. Despite my obvious lack of focus on this idea, I still would rather be working on that than Kingdum Randum. 

Anyway, I feel that it was necessary to explain what has happened with this project so that anyone who was involved in it or looking forward to it could see what has become of it and why. As of now, I am going to keep the idea in my gigantic ideas purgatory for the time being until I can figure out what to do with it. I apologise to anyone who was excited to see something come of this project and I cannot thank the voice actors enough for their contributions. You guys really helped save my final year module. 


That's all folks. Have a great weekend!