Hello everyone! So I have a few announcements to make. Firstly, I have revived my YouTube account and added some new work, which is a 3D model of one of my characters. I'll post a link to the turntable below. 


Secondly, I am now a member of the very swish ArtStation website. I absolutely love its layout! 


And lastly, I am also selling prints on Redbubble for those who are interested. 



Hope you are all having a good day! 

Is now on Instagram!

2017-01-03 13:33:09 by Kayas-Kosmos

Hi guys! I'm on Instagram now!


If you want to follow me, I am kayas_kosmos. Please follow me if you would like to see my latest art!


I have also been on Facebook, DeviantArt and Twitter, too for a while, though my username for those is spelt just a tiny bit differently;




Happy new year to you all!

Commissions are OPEN!

2016-09-20 16:47:04 by Kayas-Kosmos

Read here for more info please. I also have a current special offer




Hope you're all having a great day!

Calling all voice actors!

2016-04-30 16:33:24 by Kayas-Kosmos

Hello everyone! 

I've run into somewhat of a conundrum with a recent project as I've been having a problem sourcing voice actors for my latest animation. Therefore, I am putting out the call for anyone interested in supplying their voice. 

The animation is a pilot episode for a children's cartoon as well as my university graduation film. The short is 5 and a half minutes long and there aren't a great deal of spoken lines. 


The characters present in the animation are;

~ A green, ugly and herp-derp princess with prehensile nostrils. (Female).

~ A small, fat bunny baker. (Female).

~ A cliched German scientist. (Male).

~ A melodramatic opera villain (Male).

~ A 'Team America' style Captain of the flying patrol (Male).


While these roles may require specific voice talents, there is also a scene where a crowd shouts the words "The mecha hyperspace opera dragon!" So anyone is welcome to record themselves shouting this. Though please record this on a good-quality microphone as this needs to be to a professional standard. 

If anyone is interested in taking on one of these roles, please send me a private message, preferably containing some examples of your voice acting work (if you have any) so I can get a better idea of what work you've done.

For those interested, I can provide a script as well as the animatic containing the base voices to get a gist of what kind of mood I am going for in each scene (though you don't have to stick to the exact tone and pacing if you feel it doesn't work). Once you've recieved these, it would be really helpful if you could please send along some line-reads so I can direct the voice better. 

Unfortunately, the university has disallowed students from paying voice actors, so all I can really offer is a voice acting credit at the end of the animation and perhaps a free art commission to compensate. On top of this, the hand-in deadline is the 17th May (unless I can get an extension) and I will need the voices sooner than that to animate over them. I realise that this is a little tight, so I'll understand if some of you are not up to the challenge. 

On the plus side, this will give you the oppertunity to go wild with your voice and demonstrate your talents (as well as get some free art from me). 


Thanks for reading, and I am excited to hear from you all! 


Now on Behance!

2015-11-16 15:31:58 by Kayas-Kosmos

Hi Everyone!

I now have a Behance account, so if you happen to be a member, you can follow my work if you like :P


Hope you're all having a good week!

Opening commissions.

2015-09-08 09:16:22 by Kayas-Kosmos

Hi everyone.

I'm opening up drawing commissions for anyone who is interested. I have more information here on my DA account.


I do high-quality drawings for low prices. Please message me for more information if you'd like one :D 

It's been a while.

2015-07-16 16:38:37 by Kayas-Kosmos

I can't believe that I haven't posted an update in so long! Having said that, I have had quite a lot on my plate lately, including an anatomy course to finish. However, I am so glad that my 'Love The Dogs' video has had such a huge and positive response. Over 10,000 views on Youtube now and more than that here on NG. Thank you everyone who has liked and supported it!

Hope everyone's having a good week :) 

Holy maccie-Ds!

2014-12-22 19:46:41 by Kayas-Kosmos

I almost forgot that I had a newgrounds account! I need to start updating this place more, but at present, I don't have many animations to put on here other than scraps. Perhaps I shall update it later in the holiday :D Hope everyone's looking forward to a great christmas! 

Help meee!

2014-05-19 17:46:03 by Kayas-Kosmos

Okay, so I'm not sure if it's my computer or what, but for some bizarre reason I'm unable to view any newgrounds videos or play any newgrounds games, but I have nooo idea as to why. I cannot find any scrapling of information on the web to resolve the issue, although there was one post that suggested that it's a flash plugin that needs uninstalling and reinstalling... Only issue is, on a windows 8 computer, I have no idea how to do that!

Anyone who's good with computers have any ideas how to resolve this?

Oh hai!

2014-05-18 14:40:26 by Kayas-Kosmos

So I've decided to join newgrounds after much deliberation, and also after finding out you can post drawings onto here as well as animations. So from this day forth, I shall be posting many, many pictures! And animations, of course :D